NFL Jumbotron Hijacking Project


After refs botched several key calls — whiffing on a phantom go-ahead TD plunge in the second quarter (on a Samsung HDTV it showed he clearly never deserved it), nullifying a late catch with a ghost penalty (taking away field position inside the 5-yard line) and whistling the QB on a mysterious personal foul during an INT return, we couldn’t take it anymore.

That is why we invented the ‘Samsung Jumbotron Shout Out’.

Samsung gave fans a chance to rant by giving them a voice, over Jumbotrons all across America at NFL stadiums.

One in every 10 people who saw the banner interacted with it. The website received over 1.3 million hits in the first 7 weeks, along with 5,757 submissions.

Shortlisted at Cannes but the jury didn’t give it Gold. Hey judges, I thought only horses slept standing up!